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Consulting Solutions

The objective of offering Consulting Solutions is to strategize and use outside resources to perform activities traditionally handled by internal staff and resources. It is a strategy by which an organization contracts out major functions to specialized and efficient service providers, who become…

Training and Development

Organizations and individuals are fast realizing that while technical skills may help an individual get the job, soft skills are also equally important in retaining the employees as well going up the ladder. India is witnessing unprecedented growth in the area of education, training and development…

CSR Activities

The last decade or so has witnessed significant increase in social activities being undertaken in India. Also, one of the major emerging sectors is Social Entrepreneurship. Today, more and more professionals are coming forward to use their entrepreneurial skills in building sustainable enterprises…

Encourage to Learn | Empower to Perform | Enable to Succeed

At the outset I would like to thank you for your excellent sessions. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am also glad that you have zeroed in on my strengths and weaknesses very accurately. Perhaps three days weren’t quite enough for me to shrug off the emotional inertia in a new learning environment, resulting in some minor glitches but I must admire the amiable and welcoming attitude of my fellow learnersarrow

Dr. Ajitesh Radhakrishnan, IRS

The Train The Trainer program attended by me with you as the trainer,was a very interesting and informative program. Your Experience, Expertise and Creativity have been transcended in a very smooth manner in the training. Further, your sharing of Abundant Knowledge and your Excellent Delivery Skills made the training a worthwhile experiencearrow

Dr. Suvarna Vagholkar, Gynaecologist

The 8 days of training for the TTT sessions was an amazing learning experience for me. Coming from the training background, I was initially a bit unsure if I would be able to unlearn and learn simultaneously. However, your smooth flowing training delivery style only made it easy for me to do so and in the course made it great learning experiencearrow

Praful Gajare – NABET TTT Participant

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