Capri3 Consultants

Pranam! Hail Mother! Jai Guru Dev!

There comes a time in one’s life when one is at the crossroads of having to choose “The Path” that one needs to take ahead, i.e. “Listening to One’s Heart vs. Listening to One’s Head”. I had to take one such decision in 2014 and I am extremely happy I listened to my “Heart” instead of my “Head” and forayed into the Consulting, Training and Development Business when I founded Capri3 Consultants in December 2014 thereby giving shape to my dream of being independent and running my own business.

Capri3 Consultants is a Mumbai based firm that provides Consulting Solutions in the areas of Financial, Business and Operations (FBO) Services on a co-sourced and outsourced model, and Training Solutions in the areas of organizational and personal development.

The mission of the firm is to help organizations / people grow, i.e. “Encourage to Learn | Empower to Perform | Enable to Succeed”. The Motto of the firm is “Your Success is our Growth”.

The overall strategic goal of the organization is to become a leading firm in the areas Consulting Solutions and Training and Development, particularly Soft Skills Training.

With the new government laying a lot of stress on Skill Development and with organizations like National Accreditation Body for Education and Training (NABET) and National Skills Development Council (NSDC) taking the lead in this regard, there is a lot of scope and requirement of good trainers across the country in order to fulfill the dream envisaged by the Prime Minister of creating skilled labor force in India.

The firm intends to work in that direction over the next few years and carve a niche for itself in the field of training as one of the leading firms providing training and development solutions in the country.

The firm’s core values are creating a healthy work environment where each one of its employees can proudly say that they are Happy and Grateful people. The firm also values and believes in being Honest, Empathetic and Respectful to its clients, employees and everyone who comes into contact with the firm. The firm Commits to do everything it undertakes with Passion, Integrity and a Positive Attitude.