At the outset I would like to thank you for your excellent sessions. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am also glad that you have zeroed in on my strengths and weaknesses very accurately. Perhaps three days weren’t quite enough for me to shrug off the emotional inertia in a new learning environment, resulting in some minor glitches but I must admire the amiable and welcoming attitude of my fellow learners in the batch that kept me constantly motivated. They were very friendly and supportive in the learning process. Above all, you as a facilitator were very cordial, helpful, patient, reflective and considerate.


It is also pertinent that I mention, the classes were very balanced and steadily paced. Indeed your gamut of experiences and your style of delivery very much complemented and added greater value to the TTT sessions I had with Mr. Shashank Naidu in February 2015. It has left a remarkable impact on my way of thinking. I will definitely work on the areas of improvement that you have identified and with some serious effort eliminate the grey spaces that exist.


I would also like to wish you the very best for your future and pray that you attain the greatest heights every passing day. I do recollect your mention of your quest on self-actualisation. I sincerely wish that it finds you in the most amazing way !!

Dr. Ajitesh Radhakrishnan, IRS

The training taken by you for our TTT programme was not just a training session for me. It was truly an experience which I will never forget in my lifetime. The sessions not only provided knowledge but also have up scaled my beliefs and put me up to the next level. Your training techniques were truly awesome. They will always be with me.


The divine concept and the virtue words will be a part of my life too. The pledge has already become a part of me now, not just in email but the attitude of gratitude is something that I will always relate to. Also the self introspection of knowing “who am I” has lead me to my inner conscious which I was not relating to earlier.


Sir, it’s been a journey of not just learning but also in becoming a good human being. Hope to have you as a mentor, guru throughout my journey.

Jeny Shah – NABET TTT Participant

The 8 days of training for the TTT sessions was an amazing learning experience for me. Coming from the training background, I was initially a bit unsure if I would be able to unlearn and learn simultaneously. However, your smooth flowing training delivery style only made it easy for me to do so and in the course made it great learning experience.


Thanking you for all the valuable learning provided during this period. Looking forward to all possible opportunities of learning and being associated with you.

Praful Gajare – NABET TTT Participant

The Train The Trainer program attended by me with you as the trainer,was a very interesting and informative program. Your Experience, Expertise and Creativity have been transcended in a very smooth manner in the training. Further, your sharing of Abundant Knowledge and your Excellent Delivery Skills made the training a worthwhile experience. The commendable virtue of you as a trainer is that you have succeeded in laying the Foundation of Humanity in the minds of the participants. Overall an Enriching Experience. Thank you Sir.

Dr.Suvarna Vagholkar, Gynaecologist and Image Consultant – NABET TTT Participant

It has been a great learning experience during TTT programme. The credit goes to you.You have been a mentor, guide and a big support all the time, in addition to being a wonderful trainer. Thanks a lot for making learning so interesting.


Kindly accept my sincere and heartfelt wishes for all your future endeavors.

Capt Gauri Mahajan – NABET TTT Participant

It’s a pleasure to get trained from Shanker sir. His teaching style is very comfortable and he sites very true real life examples which help to understand concepts better. He is a very down to earth and approachable person and ready to answer any questions. Wishing him all the best for all future endeavors.


Thanks and regards

Anuja Bagdi – NABET TTT Participant

Shanker is an excellent trainer – diligent, organised and systematic. His method of teaching/training is inclusive and multi mode. This helps him in achieving superb class participation and engagement with each and every participant. He is sincere, multi faceted and multi talented. In sum, one of the finest trainers that I have ever met – With best wishes.

Shailesh Rai, NABET TTT Participant

I had the privilege of attending “Train The Trainer Program” conducted by ICBI at Navi Mumbai. The session was conducted by Mr. Shanker Viswanath and the overall quality of training conducted by him was truly impressive. Essentially following are the salient points of the training session

  1. Quality of Course Content
  2. Clarity of Concept on each topic covered
  3. Excellent delivery skills
  4. Creating a comfortable and friendly learning environment which allows active participation
  5. Answering queries

With Best Regards – Vaishali Maheshwari – NABET TTT Participant

Vaishali Maheshwari

I would like to convey my sincere appreciation on the manner in which you conducted the difficult sessions for the TTT modules. The sessions you took appeared effortless. I realize today after taking a few training sessions that you planned in great detail and had immense knowledge on the topic.

I learned a lot and have retained the topics covered only due to the manner in which you delivered them.

I hope to one day be as good and effective a trainer as your are and look forward to continued guidance from you – Namita Raja – NABET TTT Participant

Namita Raja

Shanker brings conceptual clarity in his sessions. He has made complex learning theories easy for us. Overall, he has been a very effective trainer and facilitator. In two words – Master Trainer – Smita Singh – NABET TTT Participant

Smita Singh