May 24, 2021

Check your Emotional ECG everyday to Avoid a Medical ECG

February 5, 2020

Transactional Analysis and Communication

February 5, 2020

Time Management

January 20, 2020

Stress Management

January 20, 2020

Paradigm and Paradigm Shift


Sudhakar Reddy

Business and Life Coach listed in the Forbes list of ICF accredited coaches

“ Thank you ShankerJi for simplifying such a complex topic and generating the understanding from the participants perspective and in the same vein need to appreciate the zeal of Asif for the ever available attitude for the community ”


Soft Skills Trainer

“ Shanker Sir – Gratitude to you for the wonderful two days’ session. Lots of learning and amazed at the preparation that must have gone behind this, the knowledge and material shared. So much to learn from you. One of the memorable and excellent workshop I have attended ”

Sunil Kulkarni


“ The TTT sessions taken by you has enlightened me in many ways. The system or the process in which you took us through the entire course was really great and very understanding and delightful. I personally have learnt a lot and have started implementing certain things in my daily life and pleased to inform you that it is giving very positive results. Thanks for your thoughtful teaching. ”

Dr. Archana Joshi


“ We were very fortunate to have Shanker Sir as our TTT guide who is not only an extremely dedicated and sincere trainer but also a noble and caring human being. His cool nature and his passion kept us interested throughout the eight days without losing our concentration even for a single second. This was a totally different experience for me who got thousand times more than what I expected from the TTT Course. I would be grateful to him always for all the knowledge and skills that I learnt from him. Thanks a lot and wish him success, good health and happiness always ”