Your sessions were really good, interesting, full of fun and learning. Enjoyed all the sessions thoroughly and got a great amount of learning – Rakshita Vijay – NABET TTT Participant

Rakshita Vijay

My sincere appreciation to you for the Train the Trainer sessions conducted by you. The way you conducted the sessions and made us review it, not only helped me score good but also has inspired me to give 100% to each topic.

I would like to mention that out of various sessions I have attended with different trainers, your sessions were one of the most power-packed sessions. The sessions had a perfect blend of theory and energizers and this made the learning easy and effective.

I would applaud you on the planned and timed sessions conducted by you. This has been a great learning for me as I could learn ways in which I can maintain my pace from beginning of session and begin and end on time.

You have left an everlasting impression and given me a vision as to what kind of trainer I have to become. I would like to thank you for the wonderful work and appreciate you on your exquisite manner of training us. You deserve all the gratitude from us for being a teacher, a trainer, a counselor and a motivator.

Wish you all the best for all future endeavors – Thanks and regards – Pallavi Kashyap – NABET TTT Participant

Pallavi Kashyap

It was really a fruitful TTT training at Jaipur. Before this I had attended two more TTT programmes, however, nowhere the topic was dealt in so much detail and depth. It has made a difference in my delivery of training programs. Thank you, Regards – Alpana Nigam – NABET TTT Participant

Alpana Nigam

I thoroughly enjoyed the TTT sessions conducted by Shanker Viswanath. It opened a whole new perspective for me. Your tireless dedication to the field of Training is very praiseworthy. I am 64 years old. So I underwent the course in order to motivate young minds as my grateful thanks to the society.  I now conduct sessions ‘Pro-Bono’. It gives me great satisfaction to see youngsters benefitting from what you taught me. Best Wishes and Highest Regards – Capt. Deepak Sikand – NABET TTT Participant

Capt. Deepak Sikand

I sincerely thank ICBI for having such a passionate trainer like you and consider myself lucky enough for completing the TTT training under your guidance. The course contents are nicely implanted in our mind and will stay forever by live examples given by you. The ability of yours to explain the most complex thing in simplest way is the key quality that we want to develop. Thank you so much sir for putting your heart and soul in training us and we are looking forward to you as our trainer for our soft skill sessions. You are true inspiration for us and whoever wants to emerge as a trainer – Pooja Bhatt – NABET TTT Participant

Pooja Bhatt

I am writing this to extend my thanks & respect for adding so much value to our life during NABET TTT held at Ahmadabad. You have not only given us the direction to be a good trainer but provided all the input to become so. You are very humble, honest and fair to us that we felt blessed to have you as our trainer & guide for TTT program. You are very positive, inspirational and a good motivator. You have always pushed us positively to clear our exam and complete our Live Training Project for getting certified.

I will always look for working with you in the coming time. Once again thank you very much for being with us even after completion of the program – Nehal Tripathi – NABET TTT Participant

Nehal Tripathi

Reinventing’ would be an understatement, if I have to describe the churning which happened with me, after going through the Train the Trainer module!!!

Mr. V.Shanker – our trainer was motivational, stressed the importance of how to effectively utilize time,  believed in equal participation by giving all of us chance to overcome our deficiencies, was highly inspirational by  leading with his own  examples. I would say, he ‘walked the talk’.

Giving due credit to Mr. Shanker, my takeaways from the interaction with him are my improved public speaking ability, which was zilch before I met him, he enhanced  confidence in me to meet people from all walks of life, he recognized my demerit in accent, and advised me to modulate my speech for better.

His advises were the energizers, which assist me seeing the world in a different perspective.

Having said all the above, I am in the process of becoming great from good.

In the beginning, I did not even think that I was good enough to attend this program. Today, I am ready to be a great trainer myself.

I must conclude – That is the power of a good trainer.

Thanks Mr. Shanker!! – Shanti Sarvagyam – NABET TTT Participant

Shanti Sarvagyam

The 8 day Train the Trainer course taken by you was by far one of the most helpful trainings I have undergone. You hit the right cord every time you introduced a new concept. Practically applying whatever the course material had is not easy I must say but you depicted every aspect of it and stood as a perfect example of a Trainer.

Your stories as well as the activities were refreshing and connecting with the concepts which made it easy for me to remember the concepts easily. Your feedback at the end of the sessions has really made a difference. Your dedication and passion towards the subject flowed so well through your training that my passion towards training has become stronger.

Lastly I would like to thank you for being my mentor and feel blessed to have you as my TTT mentor. Regards – Nupur Goyal, NABET TTT Participant

Nupur Goyal

I am writing this note of thanks for giving us wonderful lessons of all the sessions.

All of us remember you a lot, your teaching method, skills were amazing. I personally learned everything in class, was able to remember. I could not get time to read because of my family conditions. I appeared for test with positive attitude, also did my practical workshop as per your instructions and did well!!!!!!!

All the good work you did for all of us is unforgettable. We all always talk about you being a great teacher and always appreciate wonderful work you did for us! Thank you a lot for being our guide, we will always keep you and your advice in mind. Thanks again! – Aarti Rugani, NABET TTT Participant

Aarti Rugani

I found the TTT training programme engaging, informative and interesting with good content, pace and delivery. The trainer Mr. Shanker had a dynamic approach which kept the momentum going. He made everyone feel very comfortable, able to contribute and take something away. He is par excellence no sagging in presentations at all from morning to evening and for all days of a week. Programme offered an excellent value for money and had been time well spent.

From a personal perspective it was great pleasure to attend a course which has made me feel so empowered. I feel it delivered key skills for both life and work environments. Thank you. All the best for all your endeavor of changing lives of others, Best Regards – Rajul Zaveri, NABET TTT Participant

Rajul Zaveri