Workshop on “Emotional Intelligence”

Sudhakar Reddy

Business and Life Coach listed in the Forbes list of ICF accredited coaches

“ Thank you ShankerJi for simplifying such a complex topic and generating the understanding from the participants perspective and in the same vein need to appreciate the zeal of Asif for the ever available attitude for the community ”

Rajendra Aswani

Behavioural Trainer, Ahmedabad

“ It was wonderful meeting you all like an extension of family. The learnings will remain etched on for lifetime. Mr. Shanker with his humility was excellent facilitator and thanks to Asif for bringing us together from time to time ”

Francis D

Soft Skills Trainer and Participant

“ Shanker Sir – It was a great and awesome session. Would like to appreciate the efforts put to prepare the program and flawless execution. Also thank you for sharing resources and references on EI. I don’t give a second thought when Asif calls or invites for programs. God bless you Asif for such a wonderful and thankless job ”


Soft Skills Trainer

“ Shanker Sir – Gratitude to you for the wonderful two days’ session. Lots of learning and amazed at the preparation that must have gone behind this, the knowledge and material shared. So much to learn from you. One of the memorable and excellent workshop I have attended ”

JahanAara Pathan


" Attending your workshop gave me an opportunity to un-learn, re-learn and add new insights to my knowledge. It was indeed an eye-opener and delightfully enlightening program A pleasure to have made the most apt decision to do this El program (A refresher program for me) Gratitude to the Master of El. I'll definitely work hard on this so that I can live upto your expectations of me conducting El. Keep spreading your light "

Swathi Hari


“ I had heard a lot about your training sessions and trust me the 5 days journey was way ahead of that. Something that can never be expressed or explained in words. The only thing I can say is "Thank You, Thank You, Thank You". During these 5 days I did a lot of un-learning and then learning but still feels like I have to learn a lot from Shanker. You are an amazing soul. Stay blessed and I am blessed to have connected with you ”

Alpa Lawrence Lamuel


" You were like a God's angel sent for all the participants at this pandemic situation to make us self-aware and self-regulate emotionally.. Blessed to have a coach like you. Thanks a ton Shanker Sir from the bottom of my heart Blessed to be associated with you "

Leena Soneja


“ It is a blessing that we got an opportunity to be trained by you on this amazing topic - Emotional Intelligence ”

Piyushi Khgandelwal


" It was indeed a wonderful and enriching five-day journey unveiling some undisclosed and interesting facts about myself and about the behavior patterns of others in relation to emotions. El is an important tool in today's time in any sphere of our lives and Shanker is doing his part of adding value to the society with great commitment and dedication. A highly transparent and a true giver is what Shanker is. One memorable journey of five days resulting in a major shift in my thoughts and emotions. A highly recommended program to everyone out there. If you are looking to create a positive shift in your life in this lockdown period, then this program is a must attend. Thank you Shanker very much "


Sunil Kulkarni


“ The TTT sessions taken by you has enlightened me in many ways. The system or the process in which you took us through the entire course was really great and very understanding and delightful. I personally have learnt a lot and have started implementing certain things in my daily life and pleased to inform you that it is giving very positive results. Thanks for your thoughtful teaching. ”

Irfan Ali


“ Just letting you know that it was great experience attending your TTT sessions. It has helped me tremendously so far. My confidence as a speaker has gone up. It is helping me to enhance my selling skills. I have gained better insight and rediscovered myself. Shanker, wishing you all the success in your future endeavor. ”

Neelima Kajale


“ When I came to attend my remaining days of TTT which I had missed earlier... I didn't came with much expectations to be very honest because previous sessions were with Shayam Sir... but you proved that I was lucky enough to get a chance to attend your session...you are a very good trainer who knows his topics very well and knows how to deliver the content....you are very good in setting a positive learning energy in the class room and knows how to get the entire class involved...and the best part is that you are a very good listener who listens to his students and understand them well... you are focused about your work and I would like to attend many more of your sessions. All the best sir for your future projects. ”

Dr. Archana Joshi


“ We were very fortunate to have Shanker Sir as our TTT guide who is not only an extremely dedicated and sincere trainer but also a noble and caring human being. His cool nature and his passion kept us interested throughout the eight days without losing our concentration even for a single second. This was a totally different experience for me who got thousand times more than what I expected from the TTT Course. I would be grateful to him always for all the knowledge and skills that I learnt from him. Thanks a lot and wish him success, good health and happiness always ”

Noopur Vadnerkar


“ I am sharing the feedback for the incredible TTT session: It was a great learning experience & a blessing to have Shanker sir as our TTT trainer. Trainer is too short a word for Shanker sir, he is truly a "Guru". His incredible training style & knowledge makes every session enlightening & as a trainer he ensures we get more than 100%. Thank you Shanker sir. ”

Sanjay Ahuja


“ I attended a 8 day TTT session in Pune in which Shanker was the lead trainer. These eight days have laid the foundation of my training career. Apart from knowing his subject very well Shanker is extremely innovative and there was never a dull moment in those eight days. I can very easily say that Shanker is the Steve Jobs of the training world ”



“ I would like to give my feedback for the wonderful TTT session by just saying: Do your TTT with Shanker & be job ready!!! ”

Capt. Deepak Sikand


“ I thoroughly enjoyed the TTT sessions conducted by Shanker Viswanath. It opened a whole new perspective for me. Your tireless dedication to the field of Training is very praiseworthy. I am 64 years old. So I underwent the course in order to motivate young minds as my grateful thanks to the society. I now conduct sessions 'Pro-Bono'. It gives me great satisfaction to see youngsters benefitting from what you taught me. Best Wishes and Highest Regards ”

Pallavi Kashyap


“ My sincere appreciation to you for the Train the Trainer sessions conducted by you. The way you conducted the sessions and made us review it, not only helped me score good but also has inspired me to give 100% to each topic. I would like to mention that out of various sessions I have attended with different trainers, your sessions were one of the most power-packed sessions. The sessions had a perfect blend of theory and energizers and this made the learning easy and effective. I would applaud you on the planned and timed sessions conducted by you. This has been a great learning for me as I could learn ways in which I can maintain my pace from beginning of session and begin and end on time. You have left an everlasting impression and given me a vision as to what kind of trainer I have to become. I would like to thank you for the wonderful work and appreciate you on your exquisite manner of training us. You deserve all the gratitude from us for being a teacher, a trainer, a counselor and a motivator. Wish you all the best for all future endeavors – Thanks. ”